# 2012-06-06 à 19:43 Brooklyn_West_Virginia (site web)
Only reason I voted for him was SARAH. I wasn't even going to vote until he picked her. I had voted in every election since the late 1960?s., HEIDI KLUM NAKED, =P, ANGELINA JOLIE FAKES, 8[[, DEMI MOORE NAKED, 58400, NOOMI RAPACE NUDE, 274, ALICE EVE NAKED, 374, CANDICE SWANEPOEL NUDE, 8-))), KIM KARDASHIAN NUDE, >:), ELISHA CUTHBERT NAKED, 9388, COBIE SMULDERS HOT, =(((, KIM KARDASHIAN NUDE PHOTOS, awrk, EMMA ROBERTS BIKINI, 2355, JUDY REYES NUDE, ijwpu,
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